Organized July, 1953

The Des Plaines Art Guild was formed to promote artistic activities and to encourage community interest in the field of creative art.

What Membership Means To You

It is assumed that if you apply for membership you are seriously concerned with some area of applied art or art appreciation.  You are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings frequently.   Upon filling out an application and paying the required dues, you are accepted into membership and are entitled to these benefits:

  1. To attend demonstrations by professional artists.
  2. To have your work critiqued by professional artists.
  3. To engage in peer critiques.
  4. To receive the monthly Newsletter from September through June.
  5. To receive a membership directory.
Once you are a member, for the payment of additional fees, you may also participate in the following Guild activities:
  1. The December Dinner.
  2. Professional workshops.

Membership Dues per year:

Active Artist............$25.00
Senior - 62 and over.....$20.00	
Patron of the Arts.......$50.00 **
Spouse membership........$ 5.00

December Dinner............................(Varies)
Professional Workshops.....................(Varies)

*   Amounts subject to change.
**  A Patron of the Arts is a person who wishes to support the guild, attend meetings and the annual dinner, but who prefers not to participate in critiques, workshops, and fairs.

Download a Full Year Membership Application   (pdf file) for membership period June 1 - May 31.

Download a Half Year Membership Application   (pdf file) for membership period February 1 - May 31.

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