Organized July, 1953
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Des Plaines Art Guild - Des Plaines, Illinois, U.S.A.

A B O U T   U S

The Des Plaines Art Guild is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting artistic activities and encouraging community interest in the field of creative art.  It organizes activities that can only occur by pooling the collective energies of its members and the surrounding community.

And the surrounding community we serve is growing larger year by year. When we began fifty years ago, there were few expressways and the artists organized into art guilds and leagues that were centered within their particular town. Now we have high speed travel, urban sprawl, and the development of the Internet which have combined to enlarge our service area.

You don't have to reside within Des Plaines and you don't even have to be an artist to be a member, the DPAG offers something for anyone who can appreciate art - and that includes nearly everyone!

If art is an important part of your life, please consider stopping by at one of the Des Plaines Art Guild meetings to meet with dedicated folks who share this same idea. The meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (except July & August) at Prairie Lakes Community Center, 7:00pm.

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